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Fanmix/Mixtape: She Is A Like Ocean (For Benderfan1221's Belated Birthday)


A Belated Birthday Mixtape/Fanmix for My Bestie Benderfan1221
Title Inspired From Iggy Pop's Strong Girl



__ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
__ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
_____♥ ___
_____♥-___()_ ()_ ()
____♥.____█_ █_ █ _


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peacock lady

Done with the first act.

So I'm done with the first act. I'm going to take the rest of the weekend to just rest. I might actually write a few twilight (or breaking dawn spite fics) do some art, work on Criss Cross's website (I'll talk about that later) or just watch the rest of the flash.  Which I have to do some time today. Then I'm combine all the chapters and listen to them and make notes. Then I'm going to revise my outline, and revise the prologue (I'm considering axe that all together) or the first chapter

I'm going to try publishing these chapters probably by the end of the month or the first week of august so stay tuned. Then I'm going to work on the next act. Which is where the real fun will begin. My editing word count is going to stay the same as usual. I'm not going to keep track of word count WordKeeperAlpha, but on here with daily updates on this journal so watch ya'll.
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So update on the second draft

I've been sort of lacking on the updating this dreamwidth with what's going on. I'm very close towards the end of the first act. The motherfucker actually grew on me (I thought it was going to be five chapters, but it turned out that it was going to six chapters. The word count is already clocking at 8773 words and I think honestly the first act is going to be 10 or 11k. There are a lot of contintuity problems, and I'm going to read it through it with the text to speech reader. I'm freaking dreading it. Although it's come loads better than that first draft. It still needs fixing before I give it to my beta. I have my usual beta, Benderfan1221, and I have a new beta who I begged for on my facebook Entangledwoods. I should be ready for publishing them by the end of the month *crosses fingers*.

Also I was trolling NaWritMo site and I found this treasure called Word Keeper Alpha that keeps up with my daily word counts and easily show me progress graphs. This helps because I got rid of Ywriter. Mostly, because my best tool is my onenote series/story bible, focus writer, and google drive. So I can type it up on my laptop and destop and have it back up incase of a computer crash. I offically retired my old account, and deleted the orignal criss cross fics.

I'm going to have to actually delete a character, Brady, because he adds nothing to the overall plot. I'm pretty sad. I'm also going to have to give more actions and dialouge to the Hershels as well I cut out Dr. Lelsie Thompson as well. Although I might have to put her back in, and I'm going to have do more research *groans*. I also have to revise the outline, and plot out the next act as well. So I have a lot to do.

I also have a website that I'm currently working on as well. So lots to do. I also find that I can do as much character devolping as I want, but my characters actually morph and create their own personalities. It's so annnoying. It's one of the reasons why I won't be publishing the full bio until I write their background in the story. *le sigh*  I'm also very nervous about making her a mary sue, and keeping her consitiant. I'm so parnoid about it. 
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Getting Started On Second Draft

The first draft had been a learning experience. I outlined this draft as much I could and it's going to be way longer than the orignal draft. And I can't for the life of me figure out why I feel that something is missing. Already my prologue and chapter 1 have deviated a bit from the outline, but I might change it back to the orignal plans when I'm rewriting it. To me writing is constantly writing and rewriting until you have it right. Also this damn story has taken over my freaking life. I'm a blogger, but 95% of the time I want to write the story first. I need to diffidently put up some boundries between my work and my hobby. My intital word count goal is 25, 000 words, although I have no clue (but I do have a feeling) if this story will be bigger than that.I'm going to write a buffer and then start posting. I'm hoping to have this story finished by the end of the summer and if it's a success I will contintue to write.

I actually have ideas for original fics, and reading Das Mervin's sporks is teaching me a lot (by smeyer's mistakes) how to write efficentively in first person and just writing period.  And it's freaking motiivation to refine my craft and to get better. I actually got up around 3am and wrote for two good hours. I had to write in 3rd Person POV for the prolouge and it was so hard. I actually really feel more comfortable writing in 1st Person.
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Bam! I'm finished!

Final Word Count:12,380

So I'm done. Well, I'm finished with the first draft last night. I'm feel empty accomplished (because is the longest story I have completed) but I'm mostly chomping at the bit to get started on the rewriting and the outlining. I am kind of dreading reading what I have written and I decided not to do an epilogue, and I will probably cut the prologue as well.  I'm also looking at my long list of revision notes and I have a vague idea on how the plot with evolve and form in the second draft, a lot of stuff deviated from my outline while writing.
peacock lady

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Now that I have the internet back, I decided to drop in and update this writing journal. First of all, I'm closing in towards the end. The draft is still horrendous but I got a lot of ideas on how to fix that and I'm chomping at the bit to finish editing. It's so hard to stop everything and finish it but everyone tells me that I won't get an accurate picture of my mistakes if I doin't finish it. So I'm plowing on. I actually got one more chapter left, plus the epilouge and I'm a little nervous about writing the confrontation between Aster and the main bad guy Alberto Falcone. I mostly going to put a fight tag on it and keep on rolling.

I'm also dreading planning out and writing out the fight scenes. I think they are going to be at least three, and the one I just wrote last chapter was so fucked up I ended up just putting a note that there was a fight scene there and kept on rolling. I'm actually a bit scared of the second draft. I'm not taking a lot of time off between the first and second draft. I tried to do that the last time I finished a draft, and I just couldn't finish it. All my motiviation was gone.

Not taking a chance this time. I should start posting the second draft after I have a buffer going. So probably sometime in mid July or August.
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Running Across The Finished Line.

What's that? That my dear is me almost finished writing the longest story I ever finished. I know shocker, me finish something. I'm tired, my hands are cramped while writing this, and my draft is still a horrible thing that needs to be burned in effigy. As it turns out, that feeling while writing is totally freaking normal. I heard this one girl had to turn off the spelling and grammar check and completely white the rest of her past writing because it was horrible. It's bad, but it's not that bad. I'm basically treating this as if this my own big bang project. I plan to have the second draft done by the end of the summer. I am actually about to write out the climax, and I'm so excited.

I can't quite shake the feeling that I skipped somethings to get to this climax. I'm checking my notes and I'm not finding anything. What is also motivating me is the twilight sporks by das_mervin. It's keeps me honest in my revision notes (they are a mile long right now) and as I write. Especially since I am writing this in first person. Anyway, this is just an update from the trenches. Talk to you later!
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Getting Close To My Goal

So I'm getting there. I just got a bug inside of me. It really makes a difference the way that I'm writing and what I'm writing. The other story was boring me to tears, I wanted to get to GOOD part, and I realized that I'm the fucking author I can just skip everything and get to good part. I'm loving it.

The first draft is still a godddamn mess and one of the reasons my word count has went from minscule to doing like 2k a day is because I'm just saying fuck it and writing without giving a damn. It's pretty damn freeing, but I would kill someone before I show them this draft. Hell to the no! My plan is to fucking take a day break and jump right into the fucking rewriting.

I also know that my word count is going to be at the very least 5k over the original word count goal. I actually wrote 7k in less than five days.  I'm beating all my fucking records, I really when love that first person fucking just clicks with me. No, it's not easier, and it's going to bitch to wrangle all the tenses  and third person slips into shape, but I feel like this is how I was always supposed to be writing.  So fuck fandom conventions. I'll write how I write and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass and bouce.

I also got some new art done for criss cross and a tumblr page. I shall reveal it once everything is done. I will put annoucement that Inside Out is on hiatus. I'm hoping that I will get to the climax of this in the next few days *crosses fingers* and by next week I can get to rewriting. Also thank god to bigkoalaheaven because she already ethuasically signed up to beta this bitch.

May the odds, always be in my favor then. *cackles*